Our Billy Tea Adventure Safari is a new tour which includes warm damper and billy tea served by the Murchison River.  Local Nanda woman Jenny is our host and she will share stories with you about her indigenous culture and heritage.

Enjoy delicious warm damper and billy tea by the fire on the Murchison River.  Jenny, local Nanda woman will prepare afternoon tea for you, and will share her knowledge of indigenous culture and heritage in a relaxed conversation with you.


All tours start with instructions about operating your quad bike and time to familiarise yourself with handling the bike on various terrain.  Full guidance and supervision is provided by either Ellen or Martin.

Then there will be plenty of time to enjoy the scenery once you are relaxed on your bike, and there will be photo stops as well.  We are always happy to take photos with your camera, apart from the particular ones we stop for.  That way you will have a lot of memorable pictures of yourself and the scenery along the way. 

You will really enjoy this relaxed way of seeing the lower reaches of the Murchison River which are otherwise accessible only by 4WD (4x4) vehicles.  Be one of the few to have this experience, including billy tea, damper and conversation by the Murchison River with Jenny, local Nanda woman.

This new tour will give you some insight into aboriginal culture and heritage from local Nanda perspective.  The Billy Tea Adventure Safaris are available Monday at 11am, and by arrangement. We need a minimum of 4 people to book, either as share bikes or singles. Please call us to discuss your plans. 

Plan your 'awesome' experience by contacting us or booking online today!


All participants on our tours, including children must complete, agree, and sign a Waiver of Liability.




The cost is $130 per bike, plus $70 for a passenger (child passengers 10 years and under $45 ).

To book, select the number of adult drivers first, then click on the price and the compulsory booking questions will prompt you to add passengers and adjust pricing.

Refreshments and water are part of our service.

Note please:

Our quad bikes are not suitable for children to drive.

Drivers must be 18+ and have a drivers license.

See FAQ's

Suitable for beginners

Previous experience at riding a quad bike is not necessary

Instructions about operating the quad bike safely is given before every tour

Guidance is given throughout the tour

You will know what to expect prior to every section of the tour.