Read the answers to commonly asked questions

How old must the rider (driver) be?

All riders in control of the quadbike must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license.  People under 18 with a full license must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian (this is an insurance requirement).


How young is too young?

Parents are ultimately responsible for assessing the suitability of their child to be a passenger on a bike.  As a general rule though, a strong four year old can sit behind their parent on a double bike.  [Law requires that only two human beings can sit on a double seater bike at one time, no matter what age.]  Our experience is that children, even very young ones enjoy being on a quadbike though less than four years old is too young.  We find it is best to take them out on the first quad bike tour of the day when they are rested and full of energy.  On occasion, a small child that has come out in the afternoon has been lulled to sleep. 


How fast can we go?

People sometimes ask this question when they make a booking, and the question often indicates that the customer wants a totally different experience to what we offer on our tours.  Our quad bike tours are designed and approved to give people the opportunity to explore the bush, the Murchison River and Murchison House Station.  We do not offer a circuit for people to ride our bikes recklessly, or away from the group.  Riders must follow the guide, stay on tracks, and are not allowed to use the bike as their toy.  Riders who do not follow safety instructions and the conditions of the tour may have the bike they are riding confiscated, and will have to make their way back to Kalbarri or our depot on foot.

The speed of the ride is determined by the terrain which varies throughout the tour, and the confidence of all of the riders on the tour.  We also ride more slowly through scenic country, where it might be possible to observe wild animals.

We would love to go on a longer safari, 2.5 or 5 hours, but we are worried that the kids will be bored.

In our experience, most children except those that are very small, feel that a one hour safari is not long enough.  Once they are out in the bush, see the different environment and find out that their role is to supervise their parents (in other words, tell them what to do), they enjoy the whole experience.  Our Maxi Adventure is quite tiring for some adults, and we recommend that children be at least 10 years old.


How old is too old?

As long as you have a driver's licence you will be able to control and enjoy riding a quad bike.  We will give you all the instructions and help you need to gain confidence.  Why not try a Mini Adventure to see how you go?

Drivers who are seniors need to be aware of diminishing abilities that might make it more challenging to control a quadbike, for example, eye sight, upper arm strength.  Please don't hesitate to discuss this with us - we want you to be safe, and have a good time.

At the same time, you are never too old to be a passenger on the back of the bike.  All you have to be able to do is straddle the bike and then grip onto the handle bars to maintain your balance.  The seat is so comfortable you will feel like you are having a very special ride, relaxing and enjoying the scenery.    


We are on a self-drive trip around Australia, and are well and truly in the retirement age bracket - how do you think we would enjoy your tour? 

Many people who tow caravans, travel in a motor home, or self drive don't have the right vehicle or maybe the confidence to venture into unknown territory.  Kalbarri Quadbike Safaris are the perfect way to get out into our beautiful bush surroundings and enjoy the ride.  That way you don't have to worry about getting lost, whether the terrains is too rough, or whether you might get bogged or stuck.

As well, you will have lots of photos to show everyone at home, to prove that you did something really adventurous and fun on your trip away. 

Again, some people might be concerned about being too old, or worry about not having ridden a vehicle like a quad bike before.  Don't worry - we are focussed on making your trip great fun, safe and memorable for all the right reasons.




We have someone with a disability who would love the experience of something different like this.  What are our chances?

We invite you to give us a call or contact us by email so that we can discuss your personal situation.  We will do all we can to accommodate your needs within the limits of our facilities, and would most likely arrange a personalised tour that takes your circumstances into consideration.  We (Martin and Ellen) have been registered nurses, and are sensitive to the need for everyone in life to enjoy what there is on offer, whenever this is possible.

My child / teenager can ride a quad bike - why can't they control the bike on your tour?

We know that many young people have their own quad bike, or have some experience either with a quad bike or a dirt bike.  And of course they want to be allowed to control the bike on our tours.  We cannot allow this for a number of reasons:

  1. our bikes are 400cc and are rated for adults only
  2. our insurance policy does not permit quad bikes to be controlled by under 18's
  3. our permits to operate our business do not permit quad bikes to be controlled by under 18's
  4. if something bad happens to the young person, a court may find us personally liable
  5. one in three deaths on quad bikes in 2013 was a young person under 14 years.

We strongly suggest that you discuss this with your children if this may be an issue.  It may be that it is not going to be enjoyable for you or them, and then you have spent money that is not appreciated.

All quad bike tour operators, apart from one on private land, have the same policies.