Our Maxi Adventure Safari Tour will take about 5 hours, and will take you through the Murchison Riverina and along the other side of the river on Murchison House Station. 

All tours start with instructions about operating your quad bike and time to familiarise yourself with handling the bike on various terrain.  Full guidance and supervision is provided by either Ellen or Martin.

There are many options about where to go, and we are flexible so that the group has a safe and enjoyable adventure.  This will definitely be the highlight of our holiday as you ride through unspoilt outback country and take in spectacular views and scenery.  Safari routes will vary according to track conditions and seasons.

Even if you have never ridden a quad bike before, don't let that put you off experiencing this extended safari.  You will build your confidence quickly to take your quad bike through some of the most beautiful outback places, and chances are that we will be the only ones there.  The sense of achievement is tremendous and the scenery will make this one of your most unforgettable holiday experiences.  You will be telling your friends and family about it for a long time to come.

Some physical stamina is required for this extended safari.  Please feel free to discuss this with us.  We don't recommend this extended safari for children under 10 years.

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All participants on our tours, including children must complete, agree, and sign a Waiver of Liability.


The cost is $220 per bike, plus $100 for a passenger

To book, select the number of adult drivers first, then click on the price and the compulsory booking questions will prompt you to add passengers and adjust pricing.

Refreshments and water are part of our service.

Note please:

Our quad bikes are not suitable for children to drive.

Drivers must be 18+ and have a drivers license.

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Suitable for beginners

Previous experience at riding a quad bike is not necessary

Instructions about operating the quad bike safely is given before every tour

Guidance is given throughout the tour

You will know what to expect prior to every section of the tour.